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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I couldn't let 2014 pass by without at least posting something. Obviously, I've done a great job of updating this thing on a regular basis, given that my last post was over a year and a half ago... I've actually had a lot to say, but life has gotten in the way of me finding the time to post. Between school and looking for work, dog sitting and all the endless housekeeping I do, I'm lucky to get any time to myself. It gets really annoying, and it's compounded by the fact that I am terrible at time magement. So 2014 wasn't a great year in those respects, but hopefully 2015 will be better. I'll elaborate more about what I've been up to in a future post, but for right now, I just wanted to say happy new year and prove that I'm not dead in case there is anyone still reading this who remembers me. See you next year!
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OMG the Veronica Mars movie is really happening!

Hi! Remember me? It's been ages since my last post. I went back to school and university has been eating my brain. I'm actually supposed to be studying right now (because, when am I not?). I hate how little time it gives me for things like LJ and I'm going to try to fix that. But I just found out some amazing news and I can barely contain my excitement, so I had to drop everything and rush over here to express my delight. In case you haven't heard...


I am not kidding. I would never joke about this. It is happening, people! Earlier today, Rob Thomas posted the project on Kickstarter, hoping people would donate the $2 million necessary for Warner Bros. to take them seriously and finance the film. In just a few hours, they have already surpassed that goal, making it the quickest funded project in the history of the site. This is why fandom is awesome. See, together, we can do it! It's at 2.3 million and counting currently. I'm enjoying watching the donations increase by the minute. There is one guy who pledged $10,000 despite not even being the hugest fan, who just enjoys funding projects like this. That's always nice to see, I guess. I wish I had a spare ten grand just lying around.

To compliment the campaign is a hilarious video starring Kristen, Jason, Ryan and Rob Thomas:

The only reservations I have about this are:

- I hope they don't use that awful "Veronica is an FBI agent now" idea, because that was implausible and just all around bad. The only way I could even see that working is if maybe Veronica were brought in as a consultant for her expertise, like Neal Caffrey, or Peter from Fringe. Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense. Apparently, the plot will instead involve Veronica returning to Neptune after a long absence and possibly going to her high school reunion (in order to involve as many of the old cast as possible).
- They are having issues with international distribution. If I, as a Canadian, can't view the film because it won't be in theatres here or will be geo-blocked so I can't watch it online, then that would really suck, especially if I've paid for the pleasure of seeing it and can't.

So, I implore any other fans who might see this to spread the word, donate (even a dollar will do) and keep this thing going. There are lots of enticing prizes! I really thought that with most of the cast involved in other projects now, and Kristen having a baby, that the window for this movie had closed. So when I came across this info a few hours ago, it made my day. Right now I feel about as happy as Kristen did during her sloth meltdown. VM for the win!
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Different shades of mundane

So...hi! I've been meaning to update for awhile and finally got around to it. Where to start? Well, let's see...I guess the school being on strike worked in my favour because there was no time for finals, so they were generous in grading the work I had done, and I finished the term with straight As in all but one of my classes (I got a B in the other one). I feel pretty proud about that. It was also a surprise when my Film Studies professor suggested that I submit my term paper to the annual essay competition. I didn't win, but I didn't expect to. It's just nice to know that he thought it was good enough that it deserved recognition. Another one of my professors was one of the judges and encouraged me to keep writing because I have a great "clarity of vision," in her words. So that's something to print out and read when I'm feeling down. Unfortunately there are only two film classes offered or I would take more. So I am looking in to transferring to UVIC after second year (it's too late for this year), which is probably where I should have gone all along anyway.

After that, I decided the best thing to do would be to put my stuff in storage and come home for the summer rather than stay in my overpriced dump of an apartment. Staying at my mom's place is free, but it may be at the expense of my sanity. I got home a week ago and it was only about an hour before my brother started in about wanting me to get my license and help him remodel the kitchen! It's like, let me unpack first, okay? I did have some of my own projects I wanted to do, which I'm hoping I can get to this summer. So those mixes and vids are coming (in between job hunts), and I'll be posting more than once every couple months. I know I keep saying that, but it's for real this time!

Here, have a picture of my dog! Just because everything's better with a puggle. :)

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Be Mine?

Today is Valentine's Day, and normally I'm against holidays that are designed just to sell greeting cards and chocolate (okay, maybe there's never a bad time for chocolate). But I was getting coffee a little while ago, and I noticed they had these special red sleeves made for V-day:

You can put it on your cup and let people know if you're looking for dates by ticking one of the boxes. I'm unsure what to think of this. It seems kind of tacky. But then, I guess it's a more subtle way of announcing your availability than other things you could do. What do you think? Would any of you actually use one of these?
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The post I've been waiting 7 months to make

Hi! Remember me? I know it looks like I fell off the face of the earth, since I haven't updated since last summer (oops!). But I didn't intentionally abandon the place, and if anyone is still reading, then you're really patient and I guess I should be thanking you. I've just had a lot going on - I moved and started university and it took up a lot more of my time than I expected. I guess it didn't help that I look five classes my first semester, when three is full time. I don't recommend doing that! This semester is a bit more manageable, although I did have three papers due last week, so thank God that's over. Spring break is a week away, which I'm looking forward to. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend some more time here then. I've checked in a couple times, but obviously I haven't been keeping up with what's going on with you guys, and it would be unrealistic for me to catch up on months of back posts now. So, if there's something you think I should see, let me know, because I likely won't come across it otherwise.

Oh...and if anyone knows of a good community for help with creative writing, maybe that you use for help with your stories, or whatever, it would be great if you could point me towards it. I'm taking an introductory fiction class and I'm finding it hard to come up with ideas for new stories. And since I have to write one every week, it's a problem.

Other that that, I have been keeping up with TV. I'm sad about Life Unexpected being cancelled! Is there anything that can be done to save it? It's things like that which worry me about Fringe being on Fridays now, because it has of course taken a tumble in the ratings as a result. I really don't know what was wrong with leaving it where it was. They can't cancel it now - it's never been better and there is so still so much story left to tell! I heard Kristen Bell is coming back to TV for some show on HBO, which makes me happy. And I think Supernatural has been really good this season, with the storyline about Sam's soul and the issues that raises. Can't wait for the next couple episodes, they sound hilarious! I think that's about it? Anyway, I'm back, and I'm not going to disappear again. :)
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July update

Ugh, I really didn't mean to go another month without posting again, sorry! I was unexpectedly struck with a bad cold for a while, and then I had to register for school. But now I'm all set. I'll be taking English, Media Studies, some art classes, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Philosophy, Sociology... a little bit of everything. I don't know if it's really leading anywhere, degree-wise, but I'm going to take the first year to just explore what interests me and figure it out from there. I'm on the wait list for about half of my classes, though, so I'm a little worried about that. I hope I get in!

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I joined We ♥ It. I don't know how many people are familiar with it, but it's cool. It's like delicious for pictures. If you come across one you like, you bookmark it, and it's a sort of virtual scrapbook. So if anyone else is over there, I'm oldsoul. Come and say hi! It's an addictive place.

I found some cheap vidding software on Ebay. I'm just waiting for it to arrive and then I can upgrade my ancient copy of Video Studio to a more recent version and start cranking out vids. I have so many ideas, I can't wait to get started!

And saving the best for last...Zachary Levi has Facebook! I don't know how I didn't think of this; probably because I don't spend much time there. It seems vaguely stalkerish to even mention, but he clearly wants to talk to people and let them know what he's up to. That is the purpose of the site, after all. He even made a video answering fans' questions, which he really didn't have to do. Anyway, he just got back from a trip to Europe, partly to promote Chuck but also for fun, and he's posted lots of pictures. The friend who accompanied him is a photographer, which means there are lots of great shots, not just of him, but of the sights and the people. They took a bunch of photos of the monkeys in Gibraltar, which are particularly funny. I think this one is my favourite. The main impression I got from looking at these is that he's so...normal. You don't expect that. Could he possibly be more charming? It would be really hard. He's got Twitter too (which is updated more often), if you'd prefer.

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!
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Fictional characters should not be so maddening

It's been almost another month since my last post...sorry! I've been a little distracted with other stuff, and it's taken up more time than it probably should. You know how it is. But that's life, I guess.

So, you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little behind on fandom matters. But I did find out that Chuck, Being Erica and Life Unexpected have all been renewed, so I think that means all my shows are coming back! Yay! It's such a relief to know that Chuck will be back and I don't have to spend the summer stressing about it. And how about that finale, eh?

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My life has gone to the dogs

Well, here's my once-a-month update. This is becoming a bad habit. I seriously need better time management skills. Things have been a little busy around here. I applied to university, and we got another dog (more on that below). I'm not really telling anyone about it in case I don't get in, so you guys are the first to know. Even though I submitted everything correctly, I'm sure they'll lose my transcript or something, knowing my luck. I'm trying to think positively though. I decided to hold off on doing graphic design for now because there are too many criteria to follow. You need a whole portfolio of work to show off (which I don't have), write an essay stating why you should be chosen, and be interviewed by a panel. It's all a bit intimidating. So I'm just going to take some general arts courses instead and use the next year to build a portfolio. Then I can apply once I'm little more prepared. Besides, there are some courses in the program that are open to everyone, so I can take those in the meantime, and maybe I'll discover it's not something I want to do after all. At the moment, I'm leaning more towards Media Studies, but we'll see.

I did manage to find the time to change my layout. I like it, but I'm not sure about the background. It might be too busy. What do you guys think?

My bedroom door completely fell off its hinges when I tried to open it the other day. Now it's just leaning against the wall until it can be fixed. It feels weird not having a door. I don't really have any privacy. Not that I really did before anyway.

There's a new man in my life, and he has four legs and a tail. His name is Oscar, but I've nicknamed him Puddles, because he keeps leaving little presents around the house. We've had him about three weeks, and he's just starting to realize that going for walks isn't just for fun, but to take care of his business too. He was living in a run-down trailer park before this, so I don't think he got outside much and didn't really get properly trained, so it's not his fault. Plus, he's so cute and otherwise well-behaved that it makes up for everything. I'll post some pictures in the next couple days if I can get him to stand still long enough.

A couple recs:

-An excellent meta from canyon_deye about what's really going through Dean's head lately. The people who have been complaining about him being whiny need to stop and think for a moment about why this might be, and the factors that have brought him to this point.

-aesc's most awesome "Casifesto", a picspam and meta illustrating all the ways Castiel is a bad ass and his progression as a character so far.
What she says about Sam being an "emotional vampire" is interesting as well, because I have this theory that maybe Sam is a bit of a narcissist. John was unquestionably one, and in families, the trait often passes on to one child, while another develops a martyr complex. This would certainly seem to be the case with the Winchesters. But it's not fully thought out yet.

-I rec'd zimshan's first colour meta, and now she's done a second and third about the use of certain colours and their symbolism as the season has progressed. You can't really look at Supernatural the same way after you've seen the patterns going on here. Maybe they're unintentional, maybe not, but either way, it's fascinating.

-You might have seen the first "Channel Hopping" vid that ash48 and maichan made, which reinterpreted Supernatural as a variety of different genres that you might see while flipping around your TV. Soap opera, horror movie, action film, etc. Well, now there's a sequel, and it's even better! I don't think I'm explaining it well, but really, it's hilarious and awesome and just GO WATCH.

-Jensen singing and playing guitar at the Rome con, because it can't be shown enough. I love how nervous he is, it's cute. He really has nothing to worry about, because he's just naturally, genuinely talented. He should record a couple songs and put them on itunes or something. I'd buy them! Or better yet, an album. Hopefully when the show is finished he might think about that. Or, ooh! Musical episode! I can't be the only one who wants to see that, right?

So..shows. I have so much to talk about! Starting with..

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