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Fictional characters should not be so maddening

It's been almost another month since my last post...sorry! I've been a little distracted with other stuff, and it's taken up more time than it probably should. You know how it is. But that's life, I guess.

So, you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little behind on fandom matters. But I did find out that Chuck, Being Erica and Life Unexpected have all been renewed, so I think that means all my shows are coming back! Yay! It's such a relief to know that Chuck will be back and I don't have to spend the summer stressing about it. And how about that finale, eh?


Those were possibly the two most entertaining hours I've ever spent in front of a TV. All other shows take note: that is how you do a finale! Holy crap, so much stuff happened! I need to make a list:

-Chuck's dad died, but Chuck's mom is alive and apparently a spy too! (Mr. Bartowski really should've been wearing his bullet proof vest, though. I'm sure he had one when those guys raided his cabin.)

-Ellie found out that Chuck is a spy, finally, but she had to see/hear her dad get killed! So sad! What was with the CIA guy who was holding her? I know he was using her to get to her dad, but then what? Was he really part of The Ring? Hopefully, next season we can see Ellie and Sarah interact more. They seem to come from similar backgrounds (Ellie having to take care of Chuck after their parents left, Sarah on the run because of her father), so they'd have some common ground if only they'd recognize it. I think they'd make a good team.

-I liked that they didn't go there with the "evil villain monologue" where the guy talks about what he's doing instead of just doing it. Oh, clever show.

-Casey has a daughter, and of course she's just as bad-ass as her dad. Here's this customer who comes to see her all the time, and I got the sense that she was flirting with him a little bit, and then he carries her off so he can tell her he's her dad and she has to run for her life. There is not enough awkward to cover that. Casey needs to work on his technique, because kidnapping girls from diners does not usually go over so well. But because she's so great, she's not mad and they're going to work it out. Did I miss something, though? Was it mentioned before that Casey had a kid or was this the first time we heard about it?

-They blew up the Buy More! And now Jeff and Lester are inadvertently fugitives because Big Mike thinks they blew it up, even though it was just a coincidence. So next season should find them singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" instead of "Blaze of Glory." And how funny was that music video? (You can watch the whole thing here. It's so bad, it's good-the perfect example of what not to do when vidding.)

-Casey's car has a missile in it! It's arguably just as awesome as Metallicar! And his locker has a false back so all his stuff is kept there. But why would he keep it at the Buy More? Surely there must be a safer place?

-Chuck had an intersect put into him as a kid! Maybe this is why he was able to withstand it when Bryce sent it to him – because he'd already built up a tolerance to it? But how could he have the intersect for all those years and not realize it? Maybe it was just a prototype and not as strong as the real thing? Is this why Chuck is so good at video games, because he is esssentially a living computer? Or is it just because of who his dad is and because he had an intersect in his head too and they have a similar brain chemistry, or something? I have no idea. You would think though, that if you were working on a top secret database, you might want to keep the door to your workshop locked at all times so that curious children can't come in and play around with it...

-Shaw wasn't killed, so is there a possibility he could show up again? Or is he going to get the punishment he deserves? If they drag it out with him still being out there, it could get a bit stale.

-There is some sort of bunker with files on all kinds of CIA projects, including Orion, and this somehow leads into next year?

-Poor Morgan had to break both is thumbs to escape his handcuffs and try to evacuate everyone from the store, which is turns out was unnecessary, because someone pulled the fire alarm before he could get to it. Also unnecessary? Letting a guy in a giant cast hold a very fragile bomb. Which of course he dropped, and it went off, and he's all, "Oops!" Oh, Morgan.

I don't even remember everything else that happened, so I'll definitely be rewatching when I get a moment. I loved every minute of it. It was basically too much awesome to process (and there's a good tagline for promotion: "Chuck: it might be too much awesome for you."). How they manage to constantly reinvent this show every season astounds me. When does the fourth season begin? I hope we don't have to wait until mid-season again...?


Fringe's finale was pretty amazing too. Walter had a partial lobotomy, guys! That explains a lot. And maybe he couldn't remember getting one and it made him crazy, and that's how he ended up in a mental hospital? I don't think we were ever told why he was admitted. I found it remarkable that John Noble could play our Walter and Walternate so distinctly, but it's the same character. His whole posture and manner is different for alt-Walter. Acting like a crazy person must require a lot of effort.
I kind of like alt-Olivia better than the real one. Is that bad? I don't know, the different hair works for her, and she doesn't take herself so seriously. I'm not sure how she ended up over here and the real Olivia got trapped, though. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Gossip Girl

On a much less awesome scale, Gossip Girl's finale was layer after layer of WTF. It pissed me off so much! I am so sick of Jenny. Just DIE, BRAT, OKAY? I hope she's not coming back, but I suspect her absence will only be for a few episodes at most and then she'll be back to torture us again. I just can't stand her whole, "Ooh, look at me, I'm 16 and in the middle of my hyper-bitchy teenage rebellion phase, so I'm going to try channeling Courteney Love and rock the ratty hair and raccoon eyes! Oh yeah, I'm so edgy!" The whole thing reeks of desperation. She's trying way too hard to look cool and doesn't realize how pathetic it is. She's a walking cliché. I suspect this look is mostly influenced by the actress' real life look, since Taylor has a band and apparently thinks she needs to look like this for street cred, or something. Whatever. But it's not even that. I'm absolutely repulsed that Jenny would sleep with Chuck. Really – the guy who once tried to rape you? Has no one remembered this little incident? And you can't say, "Well, that's just Chuck", because, NO. He knows better. And to cheat on Blair with Jenny, of all people! I'm just as mad at him. That was just all kinds of messed up. And then the ending, where he's shot in alley somewhere? Seriously, WTF was that?! That came out of nowhere! I wonder if the strategy in the writers' room is to just throw a whole bunch of plot points into a blender that don't even have to make sense, and then barf them up all over the screen. That's sure what it looked like to me. "People love random cliffhangers – let's keep them guessing until fall!" Yeah, thanks.
Even Eric annoyed me. Dude, if Jenny is your best friend, you really need to find new people to hang out with, because that's just sad. You deserve better.
It's amazing how Chuck and Gossip Girl are made by the same people, and yet can be so radically different in terms of quality. GG's finale made me want to throw knives at Josh Schwartz, and yet I can't, because I loved Chuck. Damn. But if they keep up these antics much longer, I don't think I'll be watching Gossip Girl much longer. Enough is enough.


Hey, speaking of disappointing, let's talk Supernatural. As a whole, it felt very underwhelming. This is what everything has been leading up to? I was reading somewhere (I don't recall where) that this show is about all the little personal tragedies that the apocalypse presents, and how it affects people's lives as result, so it was never going to be some big, epic battle. It was more of a reflective, quiet struggle. And I suppose I can buy that, but I'm still not happy with it. I don't know what I was expecting, but this was not it. And there's a reason for that: this is not what was supposed to happen. Think about it. I recall Kripke saying that he'd had the ending planned from the beginning, and if that's true, then this couldn't possibly be what he'd had in mind. For all his talk about how family and brotherhood is the most important thing of all, Sam and Dean both end up separated from each other, not going down swinging together like we always expected. That just can't be how he meant it to go, and I have to say, I feel a bit cheated. It's been confirmed that some things were indeed changed for the finale, and I'd like to know what. And why did they even feel like they needed to change anything? Why not just let the story play out as originally intended? If it meant having to readjust things next season, then so be it. They could be worked in. I just feel like we missed out on something that could have been potentially amazing, especially when there was so much time to prepare for it. We always knew this day was coming, and now it has, and it was a just a bit of a letdown.

Having said that, I did like the idea that freedom doesn't equal happiness. Dean is free now, but only because he let go off the one thing that meant more to him than anything in the world. So then, is he truly free? Without Sam, everything else doesn't really matter. It's a hard lesson to learn, and one that may not have been worth the price. But it's also necessary that Dean grows as a person, and it seems the only way he can do that is by being apart from Sam, so he can focus on looking after himself and his needs for once and decide what kind of man he wants to be.

I'm not sure whether to roll my eyes about the car saving humanity or not. I love the car, but that's a bit ridiculous. The way I see it, it was just an object that helped Sam focus on the task at hand, which was catching Lucifer. It could have been anything he recognized, but the car just happened to be there, so that was it. We've always known that the car was their home anyway, so we don't need speeches about how special it is. I did like the flashbacks with little Sam and Dean though, and I suppose the whole "life flashing before his eyes" bit was cool too.

Chuck is not God. Come on – do you really think that some alcoholic hermit would be pulling the strings? He's not capable of that. If he were God, he would have known who Sam and Dean were when he first met them, so he would've known that they were real and pissed off and coming to get him. No, he was just writing what he was told, nothing more and nothing less. To me, Chuck was clearly acting on Kripke's behalf, as a way to show how his part in the story as a writer was almost up, and gave him the ability to say goodbye to his characters (which is actually kind of sweet). So in that sense, as the narrator and guardian, Chuck was sort of acting as a god, but not The God. If that makes sense. The light was just to show that his services were no longer required.

Now, I do kind of like the idea of Castiel as God, and I suppose with Heaven in anarchy, he will become the de facto leader, so that might be interesting to see. Then again, I also would've liked to see him stay human longer. There was a lot of possible humour in that. So I'd be happy with either scenario.

The beating on Dean was too horrible to watch. His face, his beautiful face! And yet through it all, he still wanted to let Sam know he was there for him. Oh, Dean.

I was really worried there for a second that Bobby and Castiel's deaths would be permanent. Thank goodness, that wasn't the case. Cas' "Hey, assbutt!" was classic.

I don't have a problem with Lisa, per se, but I do think she was sort of awkwardly shoehorned into the story. It seems like they only included her because they needed a female character that Dean connected with, and she was pretty much the only one left because they've killed the rest. It was more what she represented to Dean – the perfect life that he couldn't allow himself to want, with the stability of a family of his own and a loving wife and a safe home in the suburbs – rather than the character herself that was important. So in that sense, I understand. But if they were going to go that route, then she should have been worked into the story a little better so that it didn't seem so jarring.

I thought for a second they were playing "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" and was amused at how that related. But it turned out to be Def Leppard instead. Ah, well.

So, what we're left with is an uneven season that had highs with some wonderful episodes (Changing Channels, The End, Abandon All Hope), but also some series lows (Fallen Idols, Swap Meat), and a lot of unnecessary filler. I really don't think we needed to see Paris Hilton, for example. I realize that since this was supposed to be the last season, they were probably trying to squeeze in stories that they may have always wanted to try but had never found an opportunity. In doing so, however, the season was oddly structured and the pacing felt off. There were too many light episodes in the first half and not enough set-up for the larger apocalypse arc. Now, I love the fun stuff probably even more than the mythology-based episodes, but in the past, there's been a pattern the show followed. You'd have a couple serious episodes followed by a funny one or two, then back to the action. It worked better spaced out because you were able to appreciate the humour more when you got it. This way, there was a lot of stopping and starting and the story didn't really seem to move forward very much at times. I think this is one of those things that might play better on DVD where you can just skip to the relevant parts.

As for what next season holds? I figure Dean will try living a normal life for awhile, do things that he's always wanted to do (like hopefully see the Grand Canyon?) and generally try to convince himself that it's what he wants. But he'll figure out soon enough that he doesn't fit in there and that's not where he belongs. Maybe Sam (if that was Sam at the end) will come and find him and they'll go off on another adventure. Maybe we'll get to see some Evil Sam, which is never a bad thing. Hey, Death is still around, so maybe they'll hunt him down. I have no idea. I'm cautiously optimistic for what happens next.

The move to Fridays next season could be a mixed blessing. It actually works better for me, since there is so much to watch on Thursdays, except Fridays are sort of a death slot. Then again, Ugly Betty moved to Fridays and did so well there that it was moved to Wednesdays. It was later cancelled, but its fate had been up in the air all season anyway, so it wasn't as a result of that. I guess we can only wait and see if Supernatural follows the same pattern.

Okay, with all of that out of my system, I plan on being around more this summer and not just occasionally talking about TV. I have a few projects in the works, and I'm really tempted to open an Etsy shop. So stay tuned, I'll be around, hopefully a little more often. :)
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We knew Walter had parts of his brain removed back in "Grey Matters" (episode 2x10)... yes, I've been rewatching. ;) What was real news was that Walter had actually asked for the procedure. However, the procedure was done after Walter was in Saint Clair's.

I don't think we were ever told why he was admitted.
According to two season one episodes, there was a fire in the lab and a young assistant was killed... Walter was blamed for her death and went to the institute instead of facing criminal charges. I always found the story a bit suspicious though.

I found it remarkable that John Noble could play our Walter and Walternate so distinctly, but it's the same character. His whole posture and manner is different for alt-Walter.
Both John and Anna are totally knocking my socks off with their acting.

I want to write Altlivia/Peter smut. So... I think I'm probably the "badder" of the two of us. ;)
Ah, well, clearly I have some rewatching to do then. And hey, if you want to write Altlivia/Peter, I'm all for that. :)
(Note to self: I need a Fringe icon.)
Casey's car was awesome! Yes! I've always liked Scott Bakula and Brandon Routh (they share my birthday) so I was excited to see them both. It was a really great finale - the best of the show I've seen yet.

Did you catch all of the Empire Strike Back references? I kept hearing them! I think the scene where Casey's daughter finds out the truth was almost a direct quote. My sister and I were convinced that Chuck's sister was going to end up secretly having the Intercept too, like Leia secretly had the Force. We'll see!

The Fringe finale was just fun. I like altlivia too - maybe just her hair ;) My understanding is that Olivia can travel between the dimensions under her own power? But she may not know how to actively do it yet. But that show def confuses me sometimes. Yet I knew where Peter was from starting with the beginning of S2. I just think the show likes to trick us ;)

You know I loved the SPN finale, and I kind of think that this was the ending Kripke had in mind too... if he wanted to tear our hearts out with a spoon. Castiel-as-god, yes :) I hope they keep that up next season - and possibly Evil!Sam yes! I'm just excited about seeing Smallville and SPN together again - I really love both of those shows the most.

I would love to see what your Etsy shop looks like ! and I do hope that you keep posting too. I always like to read what you have to say. Good luck with everything <3
Late comment FTW!
Yes! I've always liked Scott Bakula and Brandon Routh (they share my birthday) so I was excited to see them both.
Ah, that's cool! Google tells me that I have the same birthday as Meryl Streep (yay) and Carson Daly (yuck). Not bad, I guess?

Um..so I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I don't remember The Empire Strikes Back, if I ever saw all of it to begin with. We were more into ET and Indiana Jones in my house than Star Wars. It was supposed to be the best part of the trilogy though, right? Revoke my fandom membership now. ;P

I just think the show likes to trick us ;)
Definitely. I think JJ's shows are there to confuse us. But at least with Fringe, it's a good kind of confusion that makes me want to know more, instead of putting me to sleep like Lost did.

Re SPN: I rewatched The End, and you can actually call a lot of what was going to happen from that. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. It just threw me a little. *shrugs*
Re: Late comment FTW!
Hmm, The Empire Strikes Back is pretty awesome... ;) If you are not into Star Wars, it is the safest bet. But no worries! 'Lost' puts me to sleep too. I know way too many people who try to convince me to love it, and I just caaaan't.

My previous comment might have been a little weird, but I figured I'd write back another comment and make it super late just to mess with your head, haha. Whatever, summer ;)