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Say hello to Oscar!

I promised pictures of my little guy, so here they are! Excuse the somewhat poor quality, my camera is old...

Got my eye on you...

Doin' the puggle snuggle!

This one captures his cuteness best.

Up close and personal

This is Oscar playing with our other dog, Bentley. They're fighting over Bentley's favourite chair. I wanted to get a picture of them sitting together, but they didn't sit still long enough!

This is Bentley when he was a bit younger. He was quite destructive as a puppy. Here he's ripping the stuffing out of a cushion.

Bentley is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He's very timid and gentle and acts more like a Terrier, but he definitely has the stubbornness of a bulldog. There have been a couple times when we've been walking him that people have run away in terror screaming, "Ahhhhh! Pitbull!", but he's really very sweet. Dogs like this have a bad rep. We got him from a rescue society.
Oscar came to us in a similar way, you could say. My brother had wanted a puggle (pug/beagle mix) for some time, and then while he was walking Bentley one day, he met this guy with a puggle. I guess he told him that he was always working and didn't have a lot of time for the dog, so my brother said if he needed a new home, we'd be interested in taking him. There were some sketchy conditions involved...the guy lived in a trailer in a run down part of town, and apparently there were junkies coming by wanting to steal the dog. Maybe he had a debt owed to them, maybe the dog was stolen, I don't know. So needless to say, Oscar is in a much better home now.
He's such a cute little guy, and mostly well-behaved. He does have a couple issues, though. He goes nuts when he sees another dog, cat, bird...pretty much anything with legs (excluding Bentley, since he knows him). This morning, he went after two huge Rottweilers that we encountered. Maybe he was attacked by another dog at some point; we don't know. So he clearly needs to be socialized more. Plus, when he barks, he sounds like he's being murdered. It's horrible.
He's very clever, but he's figured out how to open the back door, so he's escaped a couple times. He doesn't necessarily come back when I call him, either. This is a problem, considering we live near a busy highway and he's not too smart about traffic. Around the house, he follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom. He sleeps on my bed, we play together, and he's just a great little guy to have around. I didn't think I was a dog person, but now we have two and I'm not sure what I'd do without them.
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Awwww! Puppies!!! They're just so adorable! And even with the face-biting, they look like such pals. I love that they've converted you to a dog person. :)

Poor thing though! Whatever he's going through, be it past trauma, or just being extremely territorial, that's got to be stressful on the little guy. Hope that gets better as he continues to settle in!
aw...he is adorable!! My dog has to rip every pillow we give her for her dog house. haha
Yeah, we had to stop giving Bentley new beds because he'd just tear them up and chew the stuffing. :P
Oh!!! Oscar is adorable! That third pic is especially cute, yes. I have friends who have pugs, and friends who have beagles, and they are very much in love with them, but I've never met a puggle. His little face! I love it that his ears look kind of big for him <3 He seems to get along with Bentley too - it's nice that they both have company now. Your home also sounds like a superior environment for him, for sure. Thanks for sharing the cuteness!
Yeah, my aunt has beagles, and puggles are kind of the perfect combination of both pugs and beagles. Oscar has a pug body and more of a beagle face with the floppy ears. Oh, and he does this thing where he cocks his head when you say a word he recognizes, and it looks just like when Castiel does it! It's pretty adorable.