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My life has gone to the dogs

Well, here's my once-a-month update. This is becoming a bad habit. I seriously need better time management skills. Things have been a little busy around here. I applied to university, and we got another dog (more on that below). I'm not really telling anyone about it in case I don't get in, so you guys are the first to know. Even though I submitted everything correctly, I'm sure they'll lose my transcript or something, knowing my luck. I'm trying to think positively though. I decided to hold off on doing graphic design for now because there are too many criteria to follow. You need a whole portfolio of work to show off (which I don't have), write an essay stating why you should be chosen, and be interviewed by a panel. It's all a bit intimidating. So I'm just going to take some general arts courses instead and use the next year to build a portfolio. Then I can apply once I'm little more prepared. Besides, there are some courses in the program that are open to everyone, so I can take those in the meantime, and maybe I'll discover it's not something I want to do after all. At the moment, I'm leaning more towards Media Studies, but we'll see.

I did manage to find the time to change my layout. I like it, but I'm not sure about the background. It might be too busy. What do you guys think?

My bedroom door completely fell off its hinges when I tried to open it the other day. Now it's just leaning against the wall until it can be fixed. It feels weird not having a door. I don't really have any privacy. Not that I really did before anyway.

There's a new man in my life, and he has four legs and a tail. His name is Oscar, but I've nicknamed him Puddles, because he keeps leaving little presents around the house. We've had him about three weeks, and he's just starting to realize that going for walks isn't just for fun, but to take care of his business too. He was living in a run-down trailer park before this, so I don't think he got outside much and didn't really get properly trained, so it's not his fault. Plus, he's so cute and otherwise well-behaved that it makes up for everything. I'll post some pictures in the next couple days if I can get him to stand still long enough.

A couple recs:

-An excellent meta from canyon_deye about what's really going through Dean's head lately. The people who have been complaining about him being whiny need to stop and think for a moment about why this might be, and the factors that have brought him to this point.

-aesc's most awesome "Casifesto", a picspam and meta illustrating all the ways Castiel is a bad ass and his progression as a character so far.
What she says about Sam being an "emotional vampire" is interesting as well, because I have this theory that maybe Sam is a bit of a narcissist. John was unquestionably one, and in families, the trait often passes on to one child, while another develops a martyr complex. This would certainly seem to be the case with the Winchesters. But it's not fully thought out yet.

-I rec'd zimshan's first colour meta, and now she's done a second and third about the use of certain colours and their symbolism as the season has progressed. You can't really look at Supernatural the same way after you've seen the patterns going on here. Maybe they're unintentional, maybe not, but either way, it's fascinating.

-You might have seen the first "Channel Hopping" vid that ash48 and maichan made, which reinterpreted Supernatural as a variety of different genres that you might see while flipping around your TV. Soap opera, horror movie, action film, etc. Well, now there's a sequel, and it's even better! I don't think I'm explaining it well, but really, it's hilarious and awesome and just GO WATCH.

-Jensen singing and playing guitar at the Rome con, because it can't be shown enough. I love how nervous he is, it's cute. He really has nothing to worry about, because he's just naturally, genuinely talented. He should record a couple songs and put them on itunes or something. I'd buy them! Or better yet, an album. Hopefully when the show is finished he might think about that. Or, ooh! Musical episode! I can't be the only one who wants to see that, right?

So..shows. I have so much to talk about! Starting with..

Ugly Betty

I feel like this show should have gone on longer, in a way, but I'm also at peace with it and just happy that we got the time that we did. I got just about everything out of the finale that I wanted to see. Amanda finally found her dad, and was as funny as ever by hiding her dead dog in Betty's fridge. She later blew his ashes all over the office as if it were fairy dust. Hilariously wrong. Oh, and I loved the scene of Betty and Justin sitting on the front steps, mirroring the one from the pilot. It's like things have come full circle now. *sniffle*

I also found it interesting that for all her scheming, Wilhemina ended up getting the magazine anyway, without having to steal sperm from a dead guy or any of her other old tricks. I wonder if she'll learn from that? Probably not; she's still Wilhemina. Looks like Marc will be stepping into Wilhemina's old job as Creative Director. He's a good guy and he deserves it. It's kind of sad that he never ended up with Cliff though. I liked Cliff. But it's great that he's comfortable enough with himself and what he wants now to have a real relationship with someone else.

I'm glad things were left open-ended with Betty and Daniel too. I think they had a great connection as friends, but it would've been weird if they got together. I just never saw them that way. So it's good that Betty didn't choose anyone, and instead will be forging ahead on her own path. I wouldn't really have it any other way.

Entertainment Weekly printed a fitting eulogy of the show here.


"Chuck vs. the Other Guy" was apparently supposed to stand as a possible finale until the show received a few more episodes, and you know what? It could have ended right here, and I'd be okay with that (but, you know, thank goodness it didn't). Yes, the show has taken a bit of a darker turn this year, which some people weren't thrilled about, but I liked it. Chuck can be more serious and still have goofy moments. In order for the show to evolve, it kind of has to. Case in point, like the one of Chuck, drunk in his underwear, watching 80s movies while Morgan is tied up on the floor beside him. And then Sarah comes in and admits that she loves him. That sort of thing could only happen on Chuck. I think it's one of the best scenes to date, because for it to work, Chuck had to be not just emotionally, but physically vulnerable, and giving it a wacky little tilt like that is what makes this show so special.

It wasn't just Chuck who got a happy ending, either, but just about everyone. Well, except for Shaw, of course. He kept going back and forth and I wasn't sure if my original assessment of him was correct. Then it turned out that, yes, he was a double agent and been working with The Ring all along. Although we never did find out just who The Ring was, like we didn't with Fulcrum last year, but it doesn't really matter (By the way, I think the head guy from the Ring totally looks like Quentin Tarantino, so much so that I thought it was him for a second. But maybe that's just me?). I wonder how Shaw found out that Chuck is the Intersect though? It's not in his file, and no one told him. Anyway, it will be interesting to go back and watch him in reruns, now that we know what Shaw was hiding.

Gossip Girl

WTF was that about? Was it really necessary for Chuck to pimp out Blair? I don't believe for a moment that some hotel is more important to him than her, but I guess it was never really about the hotel anyway. Chuck just wanted his dad to see him succeed in business. Which is hard, considering he's dead and all. Can we bury the daddy issues now too, please? And send Jack packing to Siberia. I hate that guy. God, this season has been so dumb.


Maybe it's just me, but I didn't feel like, for a 100th episode, this one really lived up to expectations. I must have missed something, because I wasn't feeling the love as much as everyone else seemed to be. It was kind of dreary. Though incidentally...this is the song I hear in my head when it comes to the episode title. You're welcome! :P

Dean writing a suicide note was sad, but what was just as sad was seeing him box up his possessions. He only has his leather jacket and a gun left. That's all. It was a very empty box. I really hope nothing happens to the jacket. I will be upset if we never see it again.

It was interesting to see Dean being the one in the panic room this time. It's kind of like we've come full circle from when Sam was there last year.

Proving what a bad ass he is, Cas reminds us why you don't piss off an angel. He will mess you up! If you need any further proof of his awesomeness, just check out aesc's Casifesto, linked above, for more examples.

Don't talk to Bobby like that! Bad Dean!

I did not see the Adam twist coming at all, well done. It makes perfect sense, now that I think about it, to use the third Winchester in line if the first two aren't co-operating. But is that what they actually did? It seems like the door closed on Adam on purpose, not by accident. Some force shut it on him. So whether that means he's now Michael's vessel, or he was obliterated, or saved, remains to be seen. I don't think he's really strong enough to hold Michael for long, so I don't see how they could really go that route, but we will probably be seeing more from him either way. You have to wonder if he thought Zachariah's was right after all – his prediction of Sam and Dean leaving him behind did come true, even if it wasn't done intentionally. Of course, Sam and Dean are going to save each other first. That's just how it goes. But if Adam comes back, he's probably going to be pretty mad that they left him there. Maybe the abandonment issues run in the family.

Also, there is something a little off about Adam. I can't place what it is, but it's probably partly due to him still looking like a corpse even after being resurrected. aesc says "I want to like him, but his face reminds me of an exceptionally peevish gerbil". Hee! Seriously though, I feel bad for the kid, because he just wanted a dad and not some guy who visited once a year. But as Sam and Dean could've easily told him, even when John was there, he wasn't actually there. So having him around wouldn't have helped much. Adam's actually kind of lucky not to have many bad memories of him, if you think about it.

I wonder what Cas thinks of Dean using the angels' bat signal to banish him. And where did he go? He was kicked out of heaven, so he can't go back there. I guess he's just in limbo, perhaps standing on the side of the road, trying to figure out his voicemail. He is not going to be happy when he shows up again. Carving sigils on his ribs is hard core, by the way. Ouch.

A final thought: Would it really be so bad if Dean says yes? Sure, everyone wants him not to...but why? Maybe it really is the best course of action at this point. I can see how he would be so exhausted that it would be a relief to him to give in. He could help a lot of people with a minimum of damage. And seeing Dean as Michael could be amazing, even if it's just temporary. After all, we got to see Sam as Lucifer, so it's only fair.

I never got a chance to talk about "Dark Side of the Moon" either, which was brilliant, so I guess that will have to be done some other time. Or the episode before that, where Dean finally got pie! You guys, you have no idea how happy that makes me! I have been waiting for that for a very long time. We've been teased for too long. Now I can hopefully get started on a vid I've been wanted to do forever, chronically Dean's love of food. Right after I finish the thousands of other things I have to do. And now I should really go to bed because it's 1am. Good night!
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YAY PUPPY!! (Every dog is a puppy to me. That's just how I roll.) You must post pictures of this new man! :D

Re: shows..On the one hand, I'm grateful for whatever keeps Chuck on the air, but the scheduling has been so wacked on that, with so many big gaps this year.. I have to wonder if they wouldn't have fewer problems with ratings if they would leave it on for a good chunk of episodes in a row. Because in general, I'm with you! I love the darker turn they took this time around, I love the longer mystery/case storyarcs that span multiple episodes, and they way they've transitioned Chuck's progress to spyhood, and the decreased time spent on the Nerd Herd.
He still looks like a puppy, too, even though he's full grown. :)

You're right about the scheduling. Any time a show gets yanked around, it's never a good sign. Ideally, it would play with no breaks, like Lost. I hope we have a season in the fall to come back to!
Congrats on the applying! Your plan sounds really good. It's hard to feel good when you feel intimidated, and it sounds like you'll be able to test the waters, so to speak. Good luck! (and good luck with the door too ;))

I can't wait to see pictures of Puddles! What is LJ for if not for pet picspam? :D

That Channel Surfing vid blew me away. Totally. Fandom HIGH! Maybe because we don't get a cheesy title sequence for the show? We just get understated coolness. The Dexter one was especially perfect. I'm speechless.

From his MySpace blogs, it sounds as if Jason Manns is trying to get Jensen into the studio to record with him again. IDK. Jason has a pretty voice, and he appreciates all the attention he gets from Jensen's fans. The Rome con gives me hope. Even if Jensen sings a little bit of back-up vocals, it would be cool.

I only started watching Chuck because Brandon Routh was playing Shaw, and it is a cute show. The scene where Chuck is watching 80s movies with his friend really sold me on it too. IDK if I'll keep watching, after Shaw is gone... unless they bring him back? :D I watch too many shows. But it was cool to see so many people I recognize, like Adam Baldwin. And the Cheez Puffs thing is funny.

Ack! Now I'm going to have that song in my head every time I think of the 100th episode ;p I really felt a sigh of relief after watching that SPN milestone show. Whatever happens now, I'm cool with it. I think Adam gets cuter the more they show his freckles, and I was happier to see him back than I ever thought I would be. But gerbil-like, perhaps ;) I predict that Cas might have ended up in Heaven or Hell. In any case, major Cas whumpage, which is popular in the fandom, you might have noticed... I've wanted Dean to say Yes to Michael for a long time and I agree that there's not a super strong reason for him to say No. Dean might say Yes, and Sam too, if there is a trick involved. But that's it. I think the 100th episode flipped a switch, where now the Winchesters are united and they will never give into the angels again. They will always have a plan now where they are at least one step ahead of the angels, if only in their hearts and minds, and that right there is the big battle of the season(s) for me. It wasn't that Sam or Dean would say Yes, per se, but that they would say Yes because they didn't trust that they had a choice. For all of Dean's free will talk, he never really believed it until now. Because it wasn't about free will, it was about being the kind of person you wanted to be, if only in one person's eyes. Corny, maybe, but that is kind of a Big Deal, you know? For someone else to see you and believe you. It's what the angels can never have, and it's pretty much all Sam and Dean have at this point. They win, so they win :)
Good luck! (and good luck with the door too ;))

I can't wait to see pictures of Puddles! What is LJ for if not for pet picspam? :D
Hee, I guess you're right. My mom wants her own camera now so she can take thousands of photos of the dogs and show them to people. :P

That Channel Surfing vid blew me away. Totally.
Right? It's like everything that's awesome about the show condensed into one little nugget. Tastes good, and it's high fibre! (lol, IDK.)

Ooh, you should watch the rest of Chuck, it's such a great show! Like Supernatural, it does a great job of juggling humour with action and drama, which is not easy to do. Though it is decidedly lighter and with not as much manpain. But Zachary Levi is adorkable as Chuck and, come on, there's a character named Captain Awesome. How can you not love that? I think the whole show is up on Hulu, and I know Amazon has the second season at least (for free!), so you really have no excuse not to watch it. ;) Maybe over the summer, give it a look?
Also...*digs through memories*... here's a picspam I bookmarked so I could point to it and say, "This is why you should watch this."
Have I convinced you yet? :P

Because it wasn't about free will, it was about being the kind of person you wanted to be, if only in one person's eyes.
Yes, it's a great sentiment and one that I'm glad they're showing. It's nice to see that after everything, it's not about any sort of obedience to a higher power, but faith in themselves and each other that's what counts.
Yes yes! I love Captain Awesome! I forgot about him. And I didn't even know Bryce existed, so that's totes my own fault. IDK, I did watch the last episode of Chuck, and my sister keeps in on her Hulu, so I might stick with it. Thanks for the picspam link - it makes a good argument ;)
You're welcome! I don't remember - are you watching White Collar? Because Matthew Bomer plays a similar character to Bryce on that show. He's this former art thief who works with the FBI as a consultant. It's not quite as good as good as it could be, but it's entertaining enough. And hell, I'd follow those piercing blue eyes anywhere. :)
Oh right - I knew he looked familiar. I don't watch White Collar, but I've seen the slash appear on my flist. He is good for the looking though, yes :)